How Indoor Plants Benefit with Commercial Tinting

commercial window film for the fear that the film will block the sunlight, especially if there are indoor plants in your space. But will window tinting kill your indoor plants?

If you are someone who wants to conserve energy by means of maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home or office without depending too much on the use of air conditioning or heating system, installing solar window tint film is a smart decision that you will surely never regret.

While this can be an ideal choice, still some might probably feel hesitant about getting there a residential or commercial window film for the fear that the film will block the sunlight, especially if there are indoor plants in your space. But will window tinting kill your indoor plants?

No. Installing a solar window tint film won’t harm your indoor plants, in case you have any. This is because the solar control window film, such as ceramic window film, only blocks ultraviolet (UV) rays and not the red and blue rays, which plants need in order to grow and flower in addition to water and soil nutrients.

In fact, here are some facts that prove window film installation is actually good for your indoor plants, and not the other way around.

Your Indoor Plants will Need Less Watering

Since window film helps keep the sun’s heat outside, your indoor plants will not be exposed to excessive heat, which, in turn, results in plants needing a little less amount of water than what it normally requires before you get window tinting.

By this, you will not only save money in terms of energy consumption but also when it comes to water-related expenses. However, it is important to let your plants adjust by moving them to a darker area before installing solar window tint film.

Darker Leafy Plants Has an Excellent Chance of Thriving

If you want to make sure that your indoor plants will survive, better choose darker leafy ones as it is has a high tendency of thriving after getting window film installed. This is due to the fact that darker green plants require less light than light green plants. Not to mention that darker leafy plants have more chlorophyll and take better advantage of available light for photosynthesis.

Your Indoor Plants will Flourish More

Believe it or not, in most cases, residential or commercial window film installation can actually help in improving the condition of your indoor plants. Why? It is because less moisture will evaporate over time, especially during the hot season. At the same time, less water will be needed, therefore root rot can be prevented.

In addition to benefiting the indoor plants, window tinting also comes with a number of gains that make it a truly worthy home or office investment. Having said that solar window film helps block the sun’s heat through your window glass, it can save you from the frustration of the early wear and tear of your furniture, wood floor, and other valuable stuff in your interior. Window tint installation can also improve the productivity of the employee by providing an ideal and comfortable workspace. Not to mention that solar window tinting helps increase privacy, prevents employees to suffer from eyestrain caused by the glare on their computer screen, and enhances the safety of employees from potential burglary.

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