Monthly Archives: January 2022

Mini Cooper and other models

Mini Cooper, Honda CHR, Mercedes-Benz C and A class here for Infratint  BMW Z4 and BMW 530 here for Infratint  Toyota Camry next for Infratint  Mercedes-Benz C180, S Class and a BMW F10 here for Infratint CNY special arrangement for window film installation at Infratint. Only Platinum99 package for this festive period at no additional […]

Tesla M3 and other models

Tesla M3, BMW M3, BMW 540, BMW 7 Series and the mighty MINI ONE here for Infratint  LEXUS IS300 here for Infratint.  Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Vios next for Infratint  LEXUS RX and a HYUNDAI AVANTI here for Infratint  The King of Luxury is here for Infratint. Rolls Royce Ghost  Another Rolls Royce here for […]

Mercedes-Benz A200 and other models

BMW 640, Mercedes-Benz A200, AUDI A3 and a LEXUS NX200T getting ready for Infratint Another Honda Shuttle here for Infratint  Honda Shuttle and Mercedes-Benz GLC 43 here for Infratint  New Honda Freed and a Mercedes-Benz E Class here for Infratint  2 mighty SUV here for Infratint. The VOLVO XC90 and PORSCHE CAYENNE  Toyota Sienta, Porsche […]

Mercedes-Benz E Class and other models

Honda CHR Mercedes-Benz E and C Class here for Infratint. Toyota Noah next for Infratint  Full-Electric Polestar 2 and Toyota Veilfire next for Infratint  Another Full-Electric Vehicle here for Infratint. The all new Polestar 2 Another Audi Q5 here for Infratint  Another Mercedes-Benz C200 here for Infratint  Beautiful Swift Sports here for Infratint  Suzuki Swift […]

Honda Shuttle and other models

VW Sharan, Honda Shuttle and a Mercedes-Benz C200 coupe here for Infratint  Kia Cerato, Audi A6, Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe, VW Sharan and a Honda Shuttle here for Infratint  VW Golf and Kia Forte here for Infratint  Brand new Mercedes-Benz E200, VW Shatan and a Matt Black Mercedes-Benz E Class here for Infratint  Another BMW […]

Audi Q7 and other models

Brand new Audi Q3 and Q7 here for Infratint  Another Toyota Camry here for Infratint  Toyota Camry, Kia Stonic and the giant Picasso C4 here for Infratint  Cars with Characters. Tesla Model 3 and Mini Cooper Countryman  BMW 8 Series here for Infratint. Platinum99 definitely for the Black Beauty BMW 216I next for Infratint  Mercedes-Benz […]

Opel Meriva and other models

Starting our day with the Opel Meriva  Another Honda Civic Type R and Opel here for Infratint Mazda 3 HB next for Infratint Beautiful Mercedes-Benz A180 here for Infratint  Mercedes-Benz A and C Class here for Infratint More Mercedes-Benz here for Infratint  Audi’s and BMW’s here for Infratint  Another Opel here for Infratint  Another Audi […]

Audi Q5 and other models

Blue Audi Q5 and 2X Civic,s here for Infratint BMW X3, another 2 Honda Civic’s and a Mercedes-Benz C Class here for Infratint More Civic’s here for Infratint Honda Vezel next for Infratint VW Sharan and a BMW 4 Series here for Infratint BMW E60 getting ready for Infratint Mercedes-Benz R350 next for Infratint Another […]