Monthly Archives: September 2020

Audi Q5 and other models

Window tinting is what we do at Infratint. Yes. It a full house at Infratint. New week. First car was this BMW 520. Platinum99 definitely. Another Audi Q5 going for Platinum99. BMW 218 getting ready for Infratint. Sporty looking MB CLA, going for Infratint Platinum99 definitely. Another Merc with Infratint. DoIng up window tinting for […]

BMW 216 and other models

BMW 216 and a Toyota Alphard going for Platinum99. Tested and proven by many car owners over 15 years. Cars with Infratint always looking better. Another BMW 216 with Infratint. We done countless of them. Easy peasy for us. Porsche Cayenne and a BMW M3. So many nice cars with Infratint. We love our job. […]

Maserati GT and other models

More cars with Infratint. Next on our to do list, will be a VW Tiguan with Infratint Platinum99 definitely. As for Infratint, this 15 years we done countless continental. JDM’s and Koreans makes. Today another BMW 216I adding on to our list. Platinum99 FTW. Huge comfy S Class here for a dose of Infratint magic. […]

Lexus IS300 and other models

Call us for your window tinting needs @ 94560888. Busy day at Infratint. Power start at Infratint. BMW’s and Merc. Working hard at Infratint. Young and sporty looking Lexus IS300 with Infratint. Platinum99 definitely. Towards end of our day, we are still pushing hard for our customers. New week. We start working on this gleaming […]

BMW X1 and other models

Thanks for coming to Infratint for your window tinting needs. This morning we start off with a BMW X1, Audi Q2 and a Honda Jazz. Glad to serve and work on all this cars. We are ready for Saturday. Call us for your Infratint needs. Next on our to do list, a Mazda 2 hatchback. Welcome […]

BMW M2 and other models

All the cars with characters. BMW M2, Lexus RC350 and an MG HS. Platinum99 was their choice. Working hard at Infratint. Last day of Aug. Thanks for coming. Another Toyota Noah getting Infratint. It Infratint time for Mercedes Benz. Mercedes-Benz? No problem for Infratint. Working on the big guys. Mazda 6 and Honda Shuttle next […]