Security Window Film: Protecting Your Car from Potential Burglary

And this has been a common scenario nowadays; that’s why vehicle window tinting becomes in demand for many car owners.

While a car makes one of the best means of transportation, this great possession of yours can also be easy prey for people with dark motives ─ burglars for instance. In spite of whether the car is brand new, the fact that your vehicle is full of equipment, which can be easily seen by passersby, is one of the factors that likely interest thieves. And this has been a common scenario nowadays; that’s why vehicle window tinting becomes in demand for many car owners.

Not only does car window tinting reduces the heat of the sun that penetrates through the vehicle’s window ─ thus maintaining an ideally comfortable temperature inside your auto ─ it can also contribute to making you and your possession safe. How? Here are some reasons as to how automotive film is a must-have for people who own a car.

The automotive film has a shatter resistance effect

The moment a burglar or an intruder spot some valuables left inside the car, the next thing you’ll learn is that your car windows have already been knocked down and all the important stuff inside are taken away. However, this unlikely scenario can be avoided from happening by making the window of your cars a little stronger. By this, we mean getting a window tinting job from one of the best providers of automotive window film in Singapore.

By having the windows of your car tinted, aside from people can’t easily peek what valuables are inside your vehicle, burglars will also have a hard time from sneaking in from your window given that you have tinted windows. Unlike regular window, car windows that are tinted cannot be easily smashed by thieves since the film is made from highly elastic materials, whereas the adhesiveness is superior to regular glass windows.

Darker car windows discourage potential burglary

Aside from adding the privacy inside your car, automotive window tinting is also a great way to discourage possible burglars, given the fact that they can’t easily see your car’s interior. That’s why many car owners choose a darker shade of window tint to protect themselves and the valuables inside the car. To answer the question that has been running in your mind, no, window tinting can’t block off the natural lights. As a matter of fact, security window film is designed to let plenty of light through your car without increasing the visibility, thus allowing you to enjoy the natural light while it gives security to the passengers inside the vehicle.

Why choose Infratint for automotive window tinting?

If you are in search of the best provider of window films in Singapore, Infratint is one of the companies that are known and guaranteed for window tinting job. Infratint offers a range of window films (for car, home, commercial buildings, and even boat) are specially designed with the help of state-of-the-technologies. The films are essentially made of multi-layers of polyester films bonded into a single layer which does not only helps in security you and the passengers inside the car from burglars but also gives protection from possible hazards, including the harmful IR and UV rays of the sun. As a matter of fact, Infratint offers a range of automotive film series that provides protection for your vehicle.

Infra-Smoke Series can help protect the car and all the passengers inside. It blocks up to 20% IR reduction and rejects up to 99% of the UV radiation.

Infra-Titanium Series is excellent in giving excellent protection against both IR and UV radiation ─ up to 60% of IR reduction and.

Infra-Platinum Series provides optimum protection for your vehicle ─ up to 80% IR reduction.

Infra-Platinum99 Series is considered as Infratint’s top of the range grade within all the series. This film series is made of high-quality durable materials and features a ceramic coated film wherein the film absorbs twice as much heat.

All the series have both Scratch and Shatter Resistant.