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How Indoor Plants Benefit with Commercial Tinting

commercial window film for the fear that the film will block the sunlight, especially if there are indoor plants in your space. But will window tinting kill your indoor plants?

If you are someone who wants to conserve energy by means of maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home or office without depending too much on the use of air conditioning or heating system, installing solar window tint film is a smart decision that you will surely never regret. While this can be an ideal […]

Beat Singapore’s Heat with Residential Window Film!

residential window films available in the market. Solar window tint film can block up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays

Due to being located near the equator, Singapore is one of the countries that only have two seasons: rainy and hot season. Between the two seasons, people are most likely to experience more of the hot season, as the rainy season usually occurs at the end of the year. While this could be a good […]

Dark Window Tint: A Good Idea or Not?

In case you insist to have a darker solar window tint film, here are some of the drawbacks that you will not wish to encounter

While owning a car has become one of the necessities of many people these days, window tint is considered a popular accessory for drivers. This is most especially if you live in a country where it feels like summer throughout the year ─ like Singapore. Not only does car window tinting helps in improving the […]