Car Window Tinting Cost in 2020: Factors Affecting the Cost

Another factor for the fluctuations in pricing of car window tinting depends on the location and the laws implemented regarding the maximum level of tint allowed in the state you live in.

Car tinting in Singapore is a smart choice not only for homeowners and commercial building owners who want to save on energy but as well as for car owners. Automotive window films help in protecting the car’s interior against the detrimental effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays and, at the same, it helps keep a comfortable temperature while driving. Not mentioning that a car with tinted does not only looks sleek and more stylish it also makes the driver and the passenger safe as tinted windows give more privacy and strengthen safety and security against potential intruders and/or burglars.

However, there are still some who still think twice about installing car window film with the thought that it might be too expensive. The truth is, window tint costs vary depending on the types and brands. To give you a guide on how much money you need to invest in getting your car window tinted, here are the factors that affect its cost.

Number of windows to be tinted

One of the factors to consider when it comes to estimating the cost of window tinting depends on the number of car windows that need to be tinted.

Locations and Laws

Another factor for the fluctuations in pricing of car window tinting depends on the location and the laws implemented regarding the maximum level of tint allowed in the state you live in.

Quality of tint

When it comes to automotive film, there are two options that you need to choose from, which can significantly affect the average cost of the window tint: high quality film vs. low quality film.

While low quality or affordable films may seem ideal for people who want to get their car window tinted yet on a tight budget, this may not be a smart choice if we are to talk about the benefits. Which is why if you want to get the most of what you paid for an automotive window tinting, it would be better if you go for a quality tint. Just prepare your pocket for the cost.

Type of film

Every owner has their own preference when it comes to caring and providing their car’s needs. This explains the fact that there are various types of films available in the market.

When it comes to determining the cost of automotive film in Singapore, for instance, it is important to take note that the type of film that you are about to choose has a role to play. Since the quality of materials and the technology used in the types of films may vary, the average price will also do.

In case you don’t have not made your mind yet about the type of film that you want to be installed on your car window, here is a peek into the three main types of window films.

Ceramic Window Tint

If you are looking for the highest quality of car solar film in Singapore, you better go for ceramic window tint. This type of film does not contain any metal or dye, instead it is composed of ceramic particles that are guaranteed to be non-metallic and non-conductive. By this, it is rest assured that cell phone signals, GPS, and even radio signals will not be interfered.

Dyed Window Tint

When it comes to the most affordable type of tint, dyed window tint seemed to be an ideal choice. This film type includes the process of adding a dye to the layer of film that is next to the adhesive. While this may not require you a lot of money for the installation, dye window tint is more susceptible to fading over time. Therefore, making your tint look purple, brown or transparent.

Carbon Window Tint

Unlike the dyed window tint, this type of film does not quickly fade over time. Another plus factor is the fact that carbon window tint helps to block infrared light effectively.