Car Solar Film Singapore

PLATINUM99™ Ceramic Performance Solar Film

Installed on over 8,000++ vehicles – from humble daily drivers to super cars!

Imagine No More Scorching Sun, Hot Seats & Sweaty Backs… Discover The Most Popular Must-Have Highest Impact, Vehicle Upgrade for All Drivers In Hot and Humid Singapore

The Road-Legal, Premium Grade Anti-Heat and 99% UV Shielding

2018 ~ 2024 Best-Selling, 99% UV Rejection, Highest Infrared Heat Shielding System

Discover why 2,500+ car owners gave it 97%+ Satisfaction Rating (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) with the best value for money choice.

“This isn’t some kind of psychological effect because my girlfriend and parents have also been commenting on how surprisingly cool the car is despite the hot weather. This is the place to go. No doubt.”


“Overall very satisfied with their service and the solar films installed. Greatly reduce the heat goes into my car. Great job!”

Ben Lee

“Price is very attractive and end result is simply smashing!! Well done to the team, and I am sure to come back for all my cars!!”


“Unbelievable workmanship and skill, nothing was rushed and every action was efficient and precisely calculated. The end result was an almost flawless application, no problems with the door panels or side speakers they took out and whatsoever there was.”


99% Ultraviolet Protection

Shatter Resistant


Our range of solar films performs well into the night unlike other films – providing you extreme clarity without the compromise of vision.


8 Year Star Merchant Award Winner 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020

Provided to outstanding companies in the automotive aftermarket industry for their Market Leadership and Service Excellence.

Extreme Attention to Details We custom measure and cut to fit perfectly

Craftsmanship is equally as important as the product itself

Deep understanding of various model installation challenges

Family Cars to Luxury Exotics…we’ve worked on them all!

Extreme Clarity with no warp/distortion

Anti-Glare Option


PLATINUM99 Ceramic High Performance Solar Film Features

99% UV and IRR Protection

Multi-Layered Film with Highly Reflective Compound

Faster Cooling Cabin on Hot Days

LTA-Approved – Hassle-Free Ownership

Custom-Cut to Measure Perfectly

Single-Piece Installation

Extreme Clarity with Clear Evening/Night Driving Visibility

Prevents Heat-Soak & Early Damage to Interior

UV Cabin Heat Protection

7-Year Quality Warranty and Installation Guarantee

2-Hour Installation

LTA-Compliant Films Pass LTA inspections without worry
Our films are tested and proven with the largest range of options available.

ULTRA Heat Reduction & I.R Rejection
Developed and Rigorously tested and in the USA and custom-developed for Asia’s searing heat and humid weather INFRATINT’s films are crafted with highly durable compound materials that has both excellent clarity and superior heat reduction qualities.

Legally Compliant with Regulations
Our range of films are not just efficient in reducing the amount of heat in-cabin, they are also LTA-approved and will pass regular inspections.

Tint off Heat, Not Signals
Our films do not impact any existing devices. Transmittable to all road system devices including Fast-track, SmartTAG, ERP, etc.

Short Installation Downtime
It usually takes less than 2 hours on average to complete your vehicle. Our team of specialists focuses their complete attention to a single area of your vehicle to ensure each area is done right and perfectly the first time.

Increase security and protect yourself and loved ones with our films in case of break-in or accidents. Our films reduce glass shattering in case of hard impacts and are scratch-resistant.

Air-Conditioned Installation Bay
Reduces contamination and ensuring an ideal and perfect fit and finish.

Superior Finishing
The superior adhesiveness and rust-free technology – coupled with professional installation cut off the possibility of oxidation, cracking and peeling.

7-Year PEACE OF MIND Warranty
Our Platinum and PLATINUM99 Ceramic range of films carry a guarantee of 7 years. This warranty covers against blistering, Bubbling, Cracking, Delaminating, Fading, Discolouring, Peeling and De-metallization.

Over 14 Years of Hands-On Experience

We have hands-on experience and insight from installations on over 25,000 vehicles in our 14-year history since 2004. Our team of in-house specialists has at least 7 years of working experience each.

– Subaru Eyesight Compatible

Signature Craftsmanship

Why choose Infratint over other competitors?

Here are some of the primary reasons that you should take into serious consideration before you choose the right tinting product and service provider.

Quality Craftsmanship and Extreme Attention to Detail Comes First – We are fanatics when it comes to installation and doing it right, the first time. We do not cut corners or compromise – if it’s not done to our standards, we will redo it.

We develop and use only the highest quality of solar films – and while it’s not the cheapest option, we truly believe in using product that works, lasts for years in Singapore’s tough climate and works extremely efficiently against heat

We are absolutely focused and specialized only in Window Films and  Installation – we do not do other services (e.g. car wrap etc). While this limits our scope of services, it greatly increases the overall quality of installation and focus when it comes to solar film installation.

Deep understanding and confident expertise of technical challenges when it comes to complex and sensitive installations (especially electronics modules in expensive vehicles).

We take proactive precautionary measures and processes to protect your interior, trims and specific segments of your vehicle before the installation process.

We have installed over 25,000 Vehicles ranging from humble daily drivers, family MPVs, Commercial Vehicles to High-End Luxury and super cars (costing in excess of 1.8m SGD) tinted in past 15 years since 2005.

Voted 8 Years SGCarMart ‘Star Merchant’ Winner for Window Film Category. We are the only Solar Films and Tinting Vendor to win this award consecutively over 8 years straight.

We stand by our ethos and quality guarantee of after-installation support and resolving any issues that happens (within reasonable means).

Other features include:

  • Specialist Film Crew – min. 7 years experience each
  • Dedicated Sealed Air-Conditioned Installation Bays (2 Cars)
  • Fully monitored workplace for quality control and security
  • Film tint% Measurement Reading Available on Request
  • Sunroof Protection Service Available
  • Anti-Glare Protection Service Available
  • No Bait-and-Switch Tactics, No Wild Claims or Over-Promises
  • Hassle-Free LTA Inspection and Certification Concierge (upon request)

Dedicated Installation Facility

We operate two-car bay installation workspace which is air-conditioned and sealed from the outside.

Fully Monitored Premises – For Installation Quality Control and Security 

LTA Approved & Compliant

PLATINUM and PLATINUM99 Series “CLEAR” versions available – Guaranteed to pass all regulatory requirements.

Extreme Clarity – Interior View

Viewing clarity is unaffected with our films – driving safety will never be compromised.

Enhanced Privacy Options

PLATINUM and PLATINUM99 Series “DARK” versions are also available for enhanced Privacy.

Porsche Cayenne with PLATINUM99 Ceramic “DARK” Version

Aston Martin with PLATINUM99 Ceramic “DARK” Version

BMW 5 Series with PLATINUM99 Ceramic “DARK” Version

BMW 5 Series with PLATINUM99 Ceramic “DARK” Version

Bentley Continental GT with PLATINUM99 Ceramic “DARK” Version

Audi Q8 with PLATINUM99 Ceramic “DARK” Version

We cater to all of our customer’s personal preferences and discretionary choices.

See more than 3,000 over vehicles on our Facebook Album.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

Some of our customer feedback from Facebook

Facebook Reviews

SGCarMart Average Customer Reviews (based on 70 reviewers)

How we install car solar film

If you are ever interested on how we install car solar films on our customers’ cars – here’s a quick step by step process and overview. In this example below, we show how to install a solar film on a car’s windscreen. The same steps generally apply to the rest of the vehicle’s remaining windows. How to install car solar film

1. Shrinking Process Starting with the heat shrinking process, our master craftsman shrinks the film to the concave surface of your windshield.

2. Custom Marking After the shrinking process, we mark the outline of your windshield.

3. Removing Marked Film Next, we remove the marked window film and prepare for trimming the excess.

4. Trimming out the excess We remove the extra film which is not required at this stage.

5. Activate Self-Adhesive Next, we take out the liner from the window tint film to spray on a specially mixed shampoo that activates the film’s self-adhesive.

6. Clean Windows Before we install the film on the windshield, there are some preparatory steps we take. Clean windows are essential. Here we use a specialized windscreen tool to gently remove grime and dirt via multiple passes.

Just prior to this stage, we also insert in high absorbent cloth to protect the interior from any accidental water damage.

7. Stretch Carefully After the windows are clean and free from dust/dirt, installation process begins.

We start by carefully stretching the custom-cut film across the windscreen. Ensuring that we do it smoothly, and no large creases are made.

8. Remove Excess Water We take our time to ensure that we remove water from in between the film’s liner and windscreen surface.

Pushing water away using one of our in-house specialized tools. This ensures a uniform application across the surface.

9. Tucking Out Water Tucking out excess water is important to ensure that the adhesive is able to bind the film well to the window panel – ensuring full heat rejection efficiency.

10. Carefully finish and check Take your time to slowly remove water from the rest of the film. Hold the edges of the film to ensure that the film does not move while you are tucking away the water still.

11. Clean Film with cloth After ensuring all excess water has been removed. Use a soft microfiber cloth to gently clean and wipe the film.

Use this opportunity to ensure any bubbles is removed as well. Let dry for the next 48 hours or so.

We always recommend that you visit a professional installer or service provider when it comes to installing your window film. It may seem easy but it requires some adept hands and experience to do a great job! 


BOOKING REQUIRED – Call 9456-0888 / WhatsApp Live-Chat to schedule your installation slot today. 

User Reviews

We are very grateful and humbled by the reviews and testimonials that our customers have left for us over the many years. 

Be sure to read more reviews and feedback left on the following platforms.

SGCarMart Reviews

Facebook Reviews

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Explained in details on the type of films available. Its has been 4 days since i have it installed and the interior does not feel hot after long hours of parking in the sun. – Peter Seow

I would like to recommend infratint, they are professional, fast and very punctual and will finish within the time they give. After doing the film the car feel more cooler inside and no more scorching sun. Thanks Sherman and team keep up the good work. – Andy Khoo

They are really a bunch of professionals from the way they worked with at least 2-3 staffs working on one car. They leave no spots untouched and are very detailed on their job. They showed patience towards their job and you can really feel assured as they will produce the finest job with a satisfying finishing touch to your car. A nice and cozy environment with soothing music to relax while waiting for your car. Quality is really value for money and it’s really worth the wait even if there are many cars in the queue. Thumbs up guys for the great and satisfying work. Will definitely strongly recommend to my friends and to those who are reading this. – Stedman Lee

Friendly staff. Good service and a job well done. Now my car is a lot more cooler than before. – Goh Hung Pin

Manage to drop in without booking very responsive and friendly service with detailed explaination. I can feel the difference immediately while driving under the hot sun. Good service and ready to answer all queries and concerned..👍👍💪💪 – Agus Mahfoz

Very professional and will treat your like their’s, notice they put guard on the door to prevent it hitting against the wall. Speed and precision at its best. Definitely recommend to any guys who wants to do their film there. – Calvin Low

The customer service by infratint is of top grade. Well explained on the product and advise given by Sherman. And good workmanship by the team. The car is much more cooler then before. Only regret is didn’t went to Sherman earlier. Endure the heat for so long. – Ng Kok Leong

They go in-depth to explain each of their films and the customer service they provided was superb – Jason Chong guowei

Went on 18 Jan 2020 Saturday morning to do up the film. Infratint Staff were friendly and explained the various film to me in details. They also explained which are the film that I should use that could comply with LTA regulation as my stock Honda has black window, i could not use certain film.

About 3 people were working on my car and it was quite efficient and fast. Took them about 2 hours plus to settle. So far no bubbles or any issue after installation. Very happy about it. Heat was cut down to some extend way better than what my PI has installed for me.

Keep up the excellent work ^^ Happy Chinese New Year to all of you! – Cheah Seng Kai

Before you purchase they will make sure all details are made known to you and no hard selling at all. It’s all logical selling at your own comfort. Level of details and explanation is excellent. Staff were been helpful and they will try to meet your request whenever they can. Warranty is digitalis and you won’t need to keep a copy of the receipt. In a layman way of saying, your car is in good hands. – AP

Sent my brand new skoda kodiaq for tinting. It was a busy day. Regardless, the staff was patient at explaining the different ranges of products.

I signed up for the Platinum99. Tinting was done efficiently and professionally. I was updated along the way of the estimated time of completion.

My compliments to Sherman for the prompt replies on whatsapp. He was accommodating despite me arriving an hour late due to last minute errants I had to fulfill.

Been parking my suv outdoors for hours these last few days with temperatures rising to 34-35C in the mid afternoons. The difference (compared to my previous car with oem solar films) was night and day! It was warm sure, but not “oven unbearable” levels like the previous.

I will certainly be recommending Sherman and his crew to my friends and colleagues. 👍 – Ethan He

Brought my brand new X3. Great service and explanation on the different tints available. Installation was done perfectly and fast! Kenneth

Went to tint front screen of my X1 today. Very professional staff and boss, Sherman. The film really works & it helps to shield the rays. Provided welcomed relief for my face & arms. I find the film costly but was made to understand those were quality films. Contemplating replacing films for the rest of the windows.. – Caelyn Lim

The Infratint team was amazing. Sherman answered all my questions before I decided to go with Infratint. They have a range of films to meet different needs and budgets. They completed the job quickly while I waited. A few, little water bubbles were visible for a day or two, but they disappeared after a few days (and that is normal). Several weeks later, not a single issue with my films. Great product and team! I recommend highly and would absolutely go back again! – Patrick Laffey

Awesome workmanship from Sherman & Team. No hard selling or pushing packages which I very much prefer. Films are well installed and do really reduce the amount of heat in my car. 

– Abby Lim (SGCarMart Review)

Solar film upgrade is a Must For Me, whenever I change my ride. Proceed with Infratint and was happy with their service and installation work. Opt for their best package as the price is very reasonable as the person in charge explained to me the difference and etc.

– Robitussin (SGCarMart Review)

Done up the window films with Infratint. There are few packages with different IRR and specs. Opt the one proposed and installation was done within few hours.

No bubbles spotted after few days. However, I do follow strictly to their advice on how winding down of windows for 1 day.

Experience cooler and less hot when driving. Overall happy with my purchase and the service experience.

– Ladder-ane (SGCarMart Review)

Ordered a new car from C&C.
It came with Huper Optik film. Front is only 30 IRR (infra-red rejection), and rear 60 IRR. And they don’t give discount if I don’t want it. They also don’t allow top-up to upgrade. So lan lan install and try. I saw a 5mm bubble in my windcreen, but did not even bother to complain cos the heat shielding is really cannot make it, so went to Infratint.

The installer at infratint told me that if the IRR is below 50, its not good enough. So I took the 80 IRR one for the front 3 glass panels. For the rear, I saved money and did not change.

While they did my car, I went to the building kopitiam. 45mins and a cup of tea later, it was done!

My dust, no bubbles, cos they did the installation in enclosed area. And most importantly, now my car cools down very fast after moving off. When comparing against the 30 IRR Huper Optik, the difference is vast.

~ Bell Boy (SGCarMart Review)

Installing new set of window films is a common habit for most SG car owners. Surf online and saw quite a lot of good reviews for this window film company. Called and arrange an session to have the films installed.

Nice and friendly boss to chat with. Overall happy with the work done on my car. 2 bubbles spotted on the day itself, but went out days later. Good job!

~ Rjk80n (SGCarMart Review)

A pleasant experience there to have my car tinted from the blazing sun. No hardcore selling of their product. Catered to my budget and needs. Product was of good make and quality and have lasted for a few years already now. Comes with warranty although there wasn’t any need for it since their product and workmanship is professionally handled. Time taken to install was reasonable although i must comment that i went over without any prior appointment yet they still welcome me and squeeze in the little time they have for me. Thumbs up!

~ Zekexone (SGCarMart Review)

Called Infratint to ask for a quotation for my car. Was given the detailed explanation on the rejection. Booked an appt and went over. Have a quick chat with the person in charge. Overall feeling is good with friendly staff and very clean place.

Tested the films by parking under direct sun.. Upon entering, I feel that less heat is being trapped as compared to before installation. But 100% Heat free.. But can feel the great reduction. Happy with what I got.

– BrianT (SGCarMart Review)

I did my tinting for Subaru Forester yesterday. I called before drop in there. They are very fast and responsive. Ask me to come in and they have available slots to do it.

Once I reach there, gave me an clear explanation on different types of films and its IR & UV readings. Also removed my old film and checked out, it can protect only 20% IR. Where my new tints showing 99%.

Told me to bring back the car if found any issues with next 3 intervals, which is 1 week, 3 month and 6 month. That is great.

Boss is very friendly and staffs also. For sure recommend for my friends.

Great work, keep going.

smartarrows81 (SGCarMart Review)

Have done up 4 cars with Infratint for the past 5 years since the previous outlet at TradeHub 21.
Sherman has been consistent in his customer service and even after-sales service.
A chatty Merchant who never put on airs.

Just done up the basic film package with him today on my Dad’s car; And price package remains competitive.
Peace of mind and assurance that the film quality and workmanship will be well taken care of.

Highly recommended to all car owners who need new solar films!!!

Mr_biscuit (SGCarMart Review)

Have installed my solar film with infratint! Overall very satisfied with their service and the solar films installed. Greatly reduce the heat goes into my car. Great job!

Benlee (SGCarMart Review)

Change a new ride and do some researching on some solar films packages package in the market. Made my mind up and contacted Infratint to arrange for the installation.

Everything seems to be a SOP upon reaching there. The staff share with me the type of films and their respective IRR and UV rejections. Observe their installation process and personally I do feel that they really put in their “Heart” In installing the solar films.

Every step of the process was done meticulously. Keep up the good job, Infratint!

Lightsabre (SGCarMart Review)

Done both my previous and current car with them. Cheap and affordable pricing with good workmanship ! Will definitely do my next car with them!

Dilemma (SGCarMart Review)