Suzuki Swift and other models

Suzuki Swift here for Infratint. Platinum99 definitely

Audi Q3, VW GOLF and Mercedes-Benz E200.

BMW F30 next

Mercedes-Benz C Class and GLB200 here for Infratint

Work started with Infinti Q50 and Mercedes-Benz GLC300 here at Infratint

Another Audi A4 and a VW Golf here for Infratint

Next car here for Infratint will be a Mercedes CLA

Another Mercedes-Benz here for Infratint

Volvo S60, Toyota Harrier and a Mustang here for Infratint

Volvo S60, Tesla 3, Toyota Esquire, Toyota Altis and a Mustang here for Infratint

Another great car here for Infratint. Mustang looking cool with Platinum99

Our first experience with the Tesla Model 3. Definitely not an easy car to work with. But we manage to overcome it. Platinum99 for this bad boy.

VW Golf and Jaguar E Pace here for Infratint

Window Tinting is our specialty. Coming 17 years in this industry. And we are still enjoying working on every car that comes to Infratint.

Many of our regular customers coming back for Infratint, whenever they change car. We are glad to be at your service