Toyota Altis and other models

Doing up a Toyota Altis here at Infratint

Mazda 3 getting ready for Infratint

SUPRA next for Infratint

Putting our work to this gorgeous-looking TOYOTA SUPRA. Platinum99 is definitely for this Knight in Shining Armour.

Another AUDI A4 getting Infratint

Toyota 86 getting ready for Infratint

Looking clean after Infratint for this Toyota 86.

Another BMW M4 getting Infratint

Brand New AUDI Q3, TOYOTA PRIUS and Mercedes-Benz C Class here for Infratint

Mercedes-Benz C180 getting Infratint

Hyundai Tucson next for Infratint

Toyota Altis and Mercedes-Benz A Class here for Infratint

Land Rovers and BMW X3 here for Infratint