BMW 640 and other models

BMW 640, MB E Coupe and a MB CLA here for Infratint

Looking Red Hot at Infratint

The owner needs to cool down this Prancing Horse with Infratint. Way too hot. Platinum99 definitely

With Infratint. It will only be getting cooler

A Brand New Skoda Karol at Infratint. Platinum99 was the obvious choice for such a refined piece of engineering. Beauty In Every Detail.

Work started at Infratint

Mazda 6, MB CLA, Lexus IS300H erring ready for Infratint

Audi Q5, VW Sharan, BMW 135 and a BMW 120 here for Infratint

Honda Shuttle next on our To-Do list

Brand new Audi A5 and MB E200 Cabriolet here for Infratint

Honda Shuttle, Toyota Harrier and a Audi A3 is here for Infratint