Audi A4 and other models

Audi A4 here for Infratint. Platinum99 definitely

MB CLA here for Infratint

Toyota Altis and BMW X5 getting ready for Infratint

To make an already very mean looking MB C Class meaner with Infratint.

Thank you for being with Infratint

Mr AW Yong with his Honda Shuttle at Infratint. Platinum99 definitely

Infratint Test and Proven by many of our customers over 16 years. No compromise on workmanship and with product Quality assurance

MR OH SC today’s first visit to Infratint with his Porsche Cayenne. He shared with us that he used to patron another Specialize Tint Shop for more than ten years. But after knowing Infratint and reading constant great feedback about us, therefore, decided to give Infratint a shot. Platinum99 series performance window film was what Mr Oh chose. We are sure that our product, especially our flagship series Platinum99 will be up to the task. Once again, we would like to thanks Mr Oh for his business, and the opportunity to work on his car

An icon of Italian elegance – The Maserati QP with Infratint. Greatest care and Precision definitely

Honda EK here for Infratint Once again.

MB E coupe Getting ready for Infratint