Dark Window Tint: A Good Idea or Not?

In case you insist to have a darker solar window tint film, here are some of the drawbacks that you will not wish to encounter
In case you insist to have a darker solar window tint film, here are some of the drawbacks that you will not wish to encounter

While owning a car has become one of the necessities of many people these days, window tint is considered a popular accessory for drivers. This is most especially if you live in a country where it feels like summer throughout the year ─ like Singapore. Not only does car window tinting helps in improving the aesthetic of a car but it also good thing drivers need to consider. Because why not? It helps maintain a balanced temperature inside a car, especially during summer, reduce glare that can cause eyestrain and/or headache to drivers and even passengers, and other benefits.

When it comes to tinting your vehicle, you probably have thought about getting a dark tint ─ thinking that it may be better than the normal car tint. But the thing is it could be illegal to have a darker tint as each state has its own laws and regulations to be followed with regards to car window tinting.

Why dark window tinting not a good idea?

In case you insist to have a darker solar window tint film, here are some of the drawbacks that you will not wish to encounter:

It can actually attract more onlookers

Getting a dark car solar film in Singapore can attract the attention of your co-drivers, bystanders, and even law enforcers, not because of the sleek and stylish look of your vehicle but more because of curiosity. This is the opposite of what you surely want, most especially if you are the type of person who doesn’t like gaining attention from other people. The worst thing is even burglars can get curious and be tempted to make your vehicle as one of their targets, with the thought that there might be more valuable inside the car. If you don’t like this to happen, it might as well follow the specific level of car tint in Singapore.

It can hinder your vision as a driver

If you think a darker shade of solar window tint film is a better option, particularly to drives, then you have to reconsider this idea. Although installing a car window film, with darker tint than usual, gives a better car UV protection (as it helps block more amount of the sun’s harmful UV rays), this may not be a very good idea specifically when driving during a cloudy or rainy day. This is because drivers may have a hard time to see the surroundings more clearly in low light environments. Also, driving a car with dark tint at night is considered very dangerous given that the dark night and dark window tint can create a lack of visibility.

It can increase your car insurance rates

Unless the window tint film installed to your car is in accordance with the state regulations and laws, an increase in your insurance rates will not be applied. BUT if the tint you want to apply or applied to your car windows are too dark, expect an increased rate to your car insurance. This is because insurers consider that a dark car window tint film hinders the driver’s abilities in driving. If you want to keep an affordable car insurance rate, you might as well follow the recommended shade of car solar film in Singapore.

Ways to check whether your car window tint is darker than the normal

If the window tint is too reflective

In case you don’t know, window tint hinders the too much sunlight from entering inside a vehicle through reflecting it away from the vehicle. While this may not directly affect it, this, on the other hand, can be a problem to other drivers and pedestrians, due to the fact that the sun’s reflection is blinding. If you notice that your car window tint film is too reflective, you might as well consider having them replaced to an automotive window film with a specific level of tint.

If it is hard to see… especially at night

Have issues seen through your car’s windows, most especially when driving at night? If this is the case, chances are you have installed a car window film with a darker tint. Though it is a fact that window tinting blocks the amount of sun from penetrating through your window, it can also make it a challenge to see out. So, before your window tint distracts your driving, it would be better to go for a lighter tint.

If you can’t see into the front of your vehicle

Try to observe the tinted cars that pass by the road or those that are parked, and you will surely notice that the back and side windows appear to be darker than the front windshield. In case you are wondering why your vehicle’s front windshield seems to have the same shade of tint with the back and side, not to mention that it makes hard to see into the front of your vehicle, then this may be a sign that your car’s window tint is too dark.

If you cops or law enforcers often stop your car

Police officers or law enforcement members will not put your car to a stop unless they notice you are violating something. If you are sure you are abiding traffic rules, yet you often get stopped by law enforcers, chances are high that it has something to do with your window tint. Your car window tint may be darker than the recommended automotive tint.