Tesla M3 and other models

Tesla M3, BMW M3, BMW 540, BMW 7 Series and the mighty MINI ONE here for Infratint 

LEXUS IS300 here for Infratint. 

Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Vios next for Infratint 

LEXUS RX and a HYUNDAI AVANTI here for Infratint 

The King of Luxury is here for Infratint. Rolls Royce Ghost 

Another Rolls Royce here for Infratint. 1 very lucky family. 

SUV’s here for Infratint. The mighty Land Rover Defender and the Silky smooth rider BMW X3

BMW X3’s, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz E Class here for Infratint 

Mitsubishi Lancer, Infinti Q60 and a Toyota Harrier here for Infratint 

AUDI A5 and LEXUS GS here for Infratint 

Toyota and Mazda here for Infratint 

Another Lexus IS300H here for Infratint