Hyundai Elantra and other models

A very neat looking HYUNDAI ELANTRA turn up for Infratint

Mazda 6 and BMW 1 Series here for Infratint

Good stuff comes in pair. Today we have Not One but Two Dual Motor Tesla’s, here for Infratint. Platinum99 definitely

Another AUDI Q3 here for Infratint. Platinum99 definitely for best heat rejection

Dual Motor Tesla is electrifying. Another 2 Tesla’s done with Infratint

A very unique Colour Honda Civic with Infratint. Loving it

Another Tesla here for Infratint

Another Mazda 2 and Toyota Harrier here for Infratint

Another Honda Vezel and Mercedes-Benz C180 here for Infratint

Another TESLA M3 in Da House. Platinum99 definitely

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Another Black Dual Motor Tesla M3 here for Infratint.

Mercedes-Benz CLA 180 and Tesla M3 here for Infratint

Badass Black Dual Motor