Mercedes-Benz C Class and other models

Mercedes-Benz C Class, LEXUS ES300H and RANGE ROVER DISCOVERY here for Infratint

From full car tint or just the front windscreen. We do all. Contact us for your window tinting needs at 94560888

AUDI A6, MAZDA CX 5 and Mercedes-Benz B180 getting Infratint

We love what we do at Infratint

HONDA STEPWAGON getting Infratint

BMW F02 and Mercedes-Benz C180 getting Infratint

One of the nicest looking 2 door coupes around in our opinion. This sleek looking Maserati GT was here for Infratint. Platinum99 series performance window film was chosen for maximum heat rejection and satisfaction.

Mercedes-Benz S Class and Toyota Axio here for Infratint

Mini One getting Infratint

Toyota Vios next for Infratint

4 guys working on a windscreen. Confirm good job

Mercedes-Benz C180 next for Infratint

Mercedes-Benz GLC43. Platinum99 for best heat rejection, comfort, and satisfaction

Audi Q3 getting Infratint