Suzuki Vitara and other models

Porsche 718, Audi A3, Mini Cooper and a Nissan Slyphy here for Infratint

Work started with a Suzuki Vitara

Toyota Altis getting Infratint today

Honda’s or Toyota’s no issue for Infratint

MB A45S getting ready for Infratint Platinum99

Second MB A Class of the day. Platinum99 definitely

AMG A45S here at Infratint. Here is some pictures after our professional tinters working on the car

A Sporty MB C class and Toyota Estima here for Infratint

Hot weather? Toyota Altis getting our most efficient heat rejection film. Platinum99 definitely

Kia Cerato and Mazda CX-5 getting Infratint. Platinum99 definitely

Nissan Qashqai and Toyota Fielder getting Infratint

BMW 5 Series here at Infratint

2021 Honda Odessey from PI here for Infratint. Platinum99 definitely