Kia Cerato and other models

Kia Cerato, Mazda 3, MB GLB, Porsche Cayman here for Infratint

Last car for today will be a MB GLC300. Platinum99 definitely

Hyundai Avante and VW Beetle getting ready for Infratint

Subaru Imprezza and Subaru Forester here for Infratint

BMW 428, BMW 530 and a Lexus IS250 here for Infratint

Toyota Pinic here for window film refresh at Infratint

MB GLE400 here for Infratint. Max heat rejection is the requirement. Platinum99 definitely

A fierce looking Honda Vezel here for Infratint

Subaru S207 here at Infratint

We are honoured to put our work to the most expensive Subaru Imprezza ever existed. The Subaru S207. Only 100 units worldwide, and the 1 of the 2 in Singapore. A true drivers car. Infratint Platinum99 was the obvious choice for this lucky owner

Honda Odessey next for Infratint

Saab 900 and a Toyota Harrier here for Infratint.