Land Rover Defender and other models

Friendly and approachable environment at Infratint

Renga with his new toy, a Land Rover DEFENDER. Thank you for coming to Infratint again

We love all Automobiles with charming characters. Today we have a bright orange Land Rover Defender with us for Infratint. As usual, greater care to the interior parts and more attention to the installation details were needed for such vehicles because of the more brittle parts due to their age. Thank god, our installation was done smoothly by our professional tinters and now awaiting delivery to its owner.

Feeling relaxed at Infratint.

Audi A5, Infinti Q60, Toyota Sienta and a Porsche Cayenne here for Infratint

Audi, Porsche, MB,Toyota ,VW and Honda getting ready for Infratint

A heavy-duty BMW X6 here for Infratint. Platinum99 was the preferred choice for max heat rejection and comfort

MG-HS, Audi A3, Toyota Allion, Hyundai Avante and a Honda Civic Type R with Infratint.

Volvo V60, VW Polo, MB GLC and a Toyota Camry here for Infratint

Overwhelming with Infratint Platinum99