BMW X1 and other models

Window film renewing to Infratint. Work started.

X1 done with Platinum99. And we will be expecting Mr Tan second car, a Toyota Harrier soon. Once again we would like to thanks Mr Tan for his continuous support all these years.

Toyota Harrier next. Platinum99 definitely. Once again thank you for coming Mr Tan

Toyota Fortuner ready for another round of Off Roading. This time will be equip with Infratint. Once again we would like to sent our gratitude to Mr Mali for choosing Infratint 

This morning, work started on this Brand New Honda Freed. Platinum99 definitely

Beautiful Porsche and a Huge MB Vito getting ready for Infratint 

Another BMW G30 with Infratint.

Completed another C Class with Platinum99 

VW JETTA, window film renew.

Great to see you guys here at Infratint 

Next car on the line. Honda Vezel