Mercedes-Benz GLC and other models

Before we end our day

Getting ready to work on this MB GLC. Platinum99 definitely

Another MB with Infratint. This round will be a CLA

Next. Honda Accord and a BMW X6. With Platinum99 definitely

BMW X6. Cool looking with Infratint Platinum99 Performance Series Window Film

We have many new and regular customers going for Infratint each day. We have almost 16 years of experience in the field. Nothing is too easy or difficult for us about window film.

1st day of December. A Brand New gleaming white BMW 520 here for Infratint Platinum99 definitely. Start work .

BMW 520 after Platinum99. Looking great.

Next will be Audi A5, with Platinum99 definitely

Overwhelming with Platinum99. Once again, thank you for coming to Infratint

We completed another Audi A4 with Platinum99. Once again thank you for coming to Infratint

4 professional window tinter with 1 goal. Complete this Suzuki Swift front windshield with Infratint at the shortest time and nearest to perfection

BMW M5 and a MB220D. Platinum99 definitely

Next up was an elegant looking Audi A4 here for Infratint