BMW 7 Series and other models

Nice to see so many cars coming to Infratint in the morning

Overwhelming response for our Infratint Platinum99. Once again thank you for coming to us 

2 more 7 series to be done up with Infratint

No need introduction. The all new BMW 7 series. Once again, thanks for coming to Infratint 

Today we kicked off with a Kia Sorrento and the Infiniti Q50. Infratint Platinum99 definitely

Get your Infratint, only at 32 Old Toh Tuck road. Ibiz Centre. #01-10. S(597658). Call 94560888 for your slot.

Another MGHS done up with Infratint Platinum99. According to LTA tint level guide.

MB E coupe , Audi A4 and a Hyundai Avante.  Platinum99 definitely.

More cars with Infratint this afternoon. Once again thank you for coming to us