BMW 2 Series and other models

New week, we are starting with a BMW 2 series and an MB B Class.

Audi A4 next.

New Hyundai Avante, BMW 4 series and a Nissan Serena going for Infratint.

Working hard at Infratint.

Next on our To-Do List for today will be an Audi A4 and Nissan March.

This morning, Refeezal Asdullah arrives at Infratint with his MB C180. Usually, the first car with us will be done in less than an hour. No time wasted.

Hyundai Avante and MB C Class next.

Audi A5. Platinum99 definitely.

Working in Toyota Vios and Audi A5.

BMW 5 series next . Thank you for coming to Infratint.

Call us for your window tinting needs @ 94560888.

Boxer with Infratint . Platinum99 definitely.