Subaru XV and other models

Infratint tested and proven. Call us at 94560888 for your window tinting needs.

Yes. We only specialize with window tinting for cars for the past 15 years. No other services.

530 done. Infratint Platinum99 definitely.

Last car for today. A Subaru XV. Platinum99 definitely.

Honda Shuttle getting ready for Infratint Platinum99.

Another brand new GLB getting ready for Infratint.

Next will be Audi A5. Platinum99 definitely.

It’s a bright and sunny Saturday morning. BMW 528 getting ready for Infratint. Platinum99 definitely.

MB CLA, no problem for us. You will be done in no time. Platinum99 definitely.

Overwhelming response for Infratint Platinum99.

We can do and know our job well.