Porsche Carrera GTS and other models

We are ready to install Infratint for Toyota Veilfire and VW beetle today.

Rain or Shine , we keep going at Infratint.

Another MG HS with Infratint for Infratint Platinum99. New car best investment.

Another 2 Mercedes-Benz need to be installed with Platinum99.

Honda Vezel and a Porsche Carrera GTS.

Cool looking Audi A3 and BMW 1 series for Platinum99 at Infratint.

The all new BMW 1 series was looking more dynamic than ever. A more aggressive design front and rear end spotted. Interior of the car was modern and feel welcoming. Driving Comfort was equally important for the owner. Infratint Platinum99 performance series window film was chosen for max heat cut to protect the driver and his car interior. Best investment.

Mr Ray Tia and his BMW M2C. 1 of the 3 registered M2C in Singapore . Platinum 99 definitely for Mr Ray Tia.

Keep working at Infratint.

More driver chose Infratint.

We are honored to be able to work on this neat looking BMW M2C. Platinum99 definitely for Mr Ray Tia new ride.

Gentlemen Merc . Thanks for coming to Infratint.

Peugeot Partner with Infratint. Platinum 99 definitely.