Security Window Film: Is It Worth It?

it is not surprising that beside car solar film in Singapore, security window film is also making a name in vehicle window tinting.

A car is one of the great investments a person can have, which is why many car owners are looking for ways and doing their best to protect this kind of investment. Most especially if you live in Singapore, where owning a car is indeed an expensive affair.

Aside from the rays of the sun, which can cause damage on both the exterior and interior of the car, as well as the people inside, another thing that can harm your car and the valuable item inside is forced entry, extreme weather events, and airborne shards of glass. This being said, it is not surprising that beside car solar film in Singapore, security window film is also making a name in vehicle window tinting.


This kind of window film is made from multiple layers of polyester film that has been bonded into a single layer. It has a thickness that ranges from 4 mil to 15 mil or higher, therefore it is more durable and gives a great car UV protection.


Unlike a car with a regular glass window, which breaks easily when a sharp object or debris hits the glass, security window film prevents the glass from separating into individual pieces when it breaks due to the thin, multiple-layered of polyester film applied over the surface of the windowpane.

Aside from providing protection to the passenger as well as the valuables inside the car against the detrimental UV rays, this kind of vehicle window tinting is a great and a budget-friendly solution to minimize the damage caused by impacts or forced entry.


It protects your car from break-ins and forced entry attempts

Since most robbers are always on the lookout for easy targets, tinting your car can limit the chance of car-related incidents such as break-ins and forced entry. This is because car window tinting makes it hard for the burglars to see what is inside your vehicle, making it less appealing to them. Plus the fact that security window film makes your window a lot harder to break.

It gives protection against severe weather and accidents

In addition to the protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun, tinting your car with security window film can shield your vehicle from severe weather such as windstorm, and from accidents, like when a sharp object or debris hit your window. This is because the security window film has the ability to keep the glass in place.

It improves comfort while driving

Driving under the sun for a long period of time can be frustrating since you feel uncomfortable due to being exposed to the sun’s heat and sunlight. But by car window tinting, the degree of comfort in your car can be increased as window film helps eliminate hot spots, as well as reduce glare.
If safe and comfortable driving is what you’re up to, installing window film is a smart choice!

It increases the safety level

Getting your window tinted with security window film can provide safety and security to both the passenger and the car itself. As mentioned, this type of film is strong enough to prevent the glass from shattering, therefore the people inside the car can be safe from the injuries caused by the shattered glass.


Aside from the mentioned benefits, there are many other gains you can enjoy by installing window film in your car. Get quotations from one of the trusted providers of car window tinting in Singapore. Reach us through our customer care hotline at 6684 5330 or 9456 0888.