How to Protect Yourself from Sun’s Ultraviolet Rays

which is why many companies are now offering the automotive film in Singapore, not only to make your car more stylish but to give the car UV protection you need!

Too much sun exposure is one of the major causes of most skin cancers. This is because the sun is the primary source of ultraviolet (UV) rays. Although UV rays can be categorized into two (UVA and UVB), in which UVB rays have more energy and have more potential to cause some skin cancers, both of these UV rays can damage the skin and lead to skin cancer. It is important to remember that neither of these UV rays is safe.

On the other hand, sun exposure does not only happen when you stay outdoors, like walking under the broad sunlight or sunbathing at the beach, and the like, what some might not know is even when you’re inside your car and peacefully navigating the road, you can also be exposed to sun’s harmful UV rays. And the window of your car has a role to play. It is because UV rays can penetrate through the normal glass window of your car.

So, how can you ensure your skin is protected against skin cancer, premature aging, and more while driving? Here are some tips you should pay attention to:

Wear your sunscreen!

Sunscreen isn’t only helpful when you are at the beach or when you are going somewhere where you will be exposed to the sun. As a matter of fact, sunscreen or products with at least 20 SPF should be worn daily in order to prevent your skin from being damaged and this includes driving, especially when you are doing it under the broad sunlight. Before hopping inside the car, make sure that you have applied sunscreen, not only on your face but also on some parts of your skin which are exposed.

Protect your eyes with sunglasses!

In case you don’t know yet, your eyes and the skin that surrounds them are so delicate, which makes them be very quickly affected by UV rays. Aside from UV rays, another thing that can make your eyes hurt when driving is the glare of the sun. In this case, wearing sunglasses can really be helpful, as it not only prevents your vision from weakening but it can also protect the delicate skin right above and below the eyes.

Go for light clothing that covers more of your skin surface

Although it can really be tempting to wear minimal clothing, like a sleeveless or strapped blouse and shorts, especially during the hot weather, this may not be a really good idea for you are only exposing yourself more to the harm of sun’s UV rays. Instead of opting for minimal clothing, you should try to consider light clothing that can cover most of your skin surface. In this case, you are doing your skin a favor.

Another tip: try dark-colored clothing, which is more efficient at drawing away from the sun’s rays.

Seek a shady spot

If you choose to stay in your car while waiting for someone, make sure to park your vehicle in a shady spot. In this way, you can limit your exposure to detrimental UV rays.

But, it would also be better if you can manage to avoid driving during the hours of 10 am to 4 pm, the time where the UV light is strongest. Not unless your reason for driving is important.

Here’s another tip to know whether the sun’s rays are strongest: try to stand and check your shadow. If your shadow is shorter than your actual height then it only means that you need to protect yourself as the sun’s rays are strongest.

Tint your car windows!

If you happen to use your car when going to and from work or when running some important errands then you could be exposing yourself to the sun’s damaging UV rays. Little do you know but UV rays can penetrate through glass, which is why many companies are now offering the automotive film in Singapore, not only to make your car more stylish but to give the car UV protection you need!

In addition, vehicle window tinting can not only benefit your skin but even your car interior can also be protected from the potential harm caused by the UV rays.

Where you can get a car tinting service?

When it comes to car tinting in Singapore, Infratint is one of the names that you can trust! As a matter of fact, Infratint’s films are specially designed to fit automotive applications. It also had undergone extensive research and development in order to come up with a premium solar film that can protect the passenger from the detrimental UV radiation, at the same time, help in reducing excessive heat inside the car.

Included in its range of car film solutions are:

Infra-Smoke Series. It offers the basic protection for your car ─ providing up to 20% IR reduction and rejecting up to 99% of the UV radiation.

Infra-Titanium Series. It provides excellent protection for your vehicle against both IR and UV radiation. It comes with up to 60% of IR reduction.

Infra-Platinum Series. It gives optimum protection for your vehicle due to the ceramic coating or sputter films used. This series of the film comes with up to 80% IR reduction.

Infra-Platinum99 Series. Aside from it uses ceramic-coated window film, this series is considered the top of the range grade among Infratint’s series. It provides up to 99% of both IR and UV reduction ─ as well as provides glare reduction and excellent rejection of solar energy.