Getting Your Car Ready for Your Next Road Trip!

It not only blocks heat that penetrates through the windows but also serves as a car UV protection as it rejects up to 99% of the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Once you get a hold of your dream car, the next thing that you probably look forward to is hitting the road and enjoying a long drive. Don’t you? Well, driving to your desired destination, either with your friends or just yourself, is totally different from the usual drive when you’re off to work. You feel more excited, especially if it has been a long time since you last had a road trip.

When it comes to a road trip, it is a must to make sure your vehicle is in good shape before heading the driveway. There could be a lot of unexpected scenarios that may affect your planned trip, that is why it is better to come prepared than not. Remember that no matter the make and model of your car, if you fail in proper car maintenance, you will not get from here to there or anywhere in between.

So, to be sure both you and your car are ready for the next road adventure, here are some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to preparing your car.


Do check your car’s fluid! When talking about the car’s fluids, it not only means the brake fluid, but the motor oil, coolant, and windshield washer fluid as well. Checking these could save you from the hassle of encountering problems with your car while on the amidst your road trip such as overheating and malfunctioning air condition units.

Do check your tires. For sure you want to make your drive as smooth as possible; however, it will not happen if you miss checking your tires’ condition before heading the road. When it comes to tire inspection, make sure they are properly inflated. Before inflating your car, it would be better to check with your vehicle owner’s manual first in order to distinguish the optimal air pressure as measured in PSI.

Do have a proper inspection of your car’s brake pads, belts, and hoses. In addition to your tires, other crucial components of your car lie under its hood. It includes the belts on your engine and the hoses. Another one is the brake pads. Once you notice that your pads are thinner than 6.4mm or if it produces a screeching sound whenever you hit the brake pedal, then it’s just the right time to get a brand new one.

Do check whether the lights are working properly! This is mostly a must most especially if you will be traveling at night. Before heading off the driveway, make sure that your lights including the head and taillights, signal and hazard lights, high beams, and interior lights are all working.

Do check your battery. If your vehicle shows signs like slow cranking, headlights getting dim at idle or acid leaks, it only means your car’s battery is weak and has to be replaced before the trip. If you’re not sure about whether to get a new one, it might as well drop by a car repair shop near your place that offers a complimentary battery test.

Do have your air conditioning system checked. If you are planning to have a long drive, under the broad sunlight, you might as well make sure whether your air conditioning system works well. In case you notice that the AC of your car is not as cold as it was before, it could either mean there are leaks or it needs to be recharged with refrigerant.

Do clean or replace your windshield wiper blades. In case you don’t know, not paying attention to the condition of your windshield wiper blades can cause hassle to your anticipated road trip. So, before it happens, better consider cleaning your windshield wiper blades when you notice they are becoming squeaky or streaky, or have it replaced if the blades are already worn.

Do get consider automotive window films. Though your air conditioning system can help in keeping a cool temperature inside the car, it is not enough to stop the heat that enters through the car’s windows. At this point, car film in Singapore comes into play. It not only blocks heat that penetrates through the windows but also serves as a car UV protection as it rejects up to 99% of the harmful UV rays of the sun. So, if you want to enjoy these benefits and make your long drive more fun, invest in car solar film in Singapore!


Don’t inflate your tires over the recommended PSI. If under-inflated tires are not ideal, the same thing goes when if you get your tires over-inflated. That is why we recommended checking with the vehicle owner’s manual first before inflating your tires. Make sure that the air you are going to put in your tires is in accordance to the recommended PSI.

Don’t forget to carry a spare tire. Some might think that it is too much to carry a spare tire if you have done checking your tires’ condition. Well, you will never know when you’ll have a flat tire. That is why it is better to always have an extra tire inside your car. Remember that it is better to have something you may not need than to need something you don’t have.

Don’t forget to assemble an emergency kit! Unexpected things can happen to anyone at any time, which is why being prepared is important. This being said, having an emergency kit that contains a first-aid kit, a flashlight, a water bottle, a phone charger, or anything that you might need is important!