Cool Benefits of Window Film this Summer Season

Although people living in Singapore feel like it is summer almost all year round since it is one of the countries that lie near the earth’s equator, the heat during the summer season is notably more uncomfortable. While there might be many people who anticipated the summertime to hit the beach, sunbathe, and/or flaunt their summer body, there are probably some who dread the heat associated with it. Unfortunately, there is no way you can escape the summer heat, no matter how hard you tried to stay at home, you will still be bothered by the pesky heat.

In times like this, heat resistant window film is a lifesaver! Especially if you belong to the percentage of people who would rather choose to stay in the comfort of their home and relax than to get a tan at the beach during the summer.

But how does window film become beneficial to homeowners during the summer season? Here’s why. Windows are considered one of the essential architectural and aesthetic elements of any house design, but what some probably don’t know yet is that the glass that this part of the house can also be the main reason your home has an uncomfortable temperature. The glass of the windows is responsible for 48% of the heat that enters into your home. Also, about 45% of cooling and heating energy demand is caused by heat through windows. Not to mention that aside from the heat, the sun also produces UVA and UVB rays that are harmful to people, as well causes damage to the valuables inside your home.

If the windows of your home are not treated yet, well, you still have time to ask help from one of the best providers of the solar windows in Singapore. As for those who are still having a second thought about heat resistant window tint, here are some of the cool benefits that would surely give you the urge to get your windows tinted!

1. Window film can improve your comfort at home!

During the summer season, the time of the year wherein the sun brings a literally unbearable heat, you are usually left with only two choices ─ comfort and cost. You can choose to close all the curtains so the heat won’t penetrate inside your home but this could also mean discomfort since there will be no natural light. Or, you can choose to allow the natural light inside your home but you will have to deal with the heat. It seems like it is impossible to get to enjoy the natural light while having comfort at the same time. But what you might not know is you can actually get these two with heat resistant window tint!

Solar window film can make your home more comfortable by reducing the heat that penetrates through the window. Aside from heat reduction, window film can also decrease glares and reflections inside and outside your home, thus makes watching your favorite TV series more fun as you will not be bothered by the pesky glare of the sun. Also, with window film, you will not have to deal hang heavy curtains, which means you can get a view outside your home, without worrying about them seeing what is inside your abode.

2. It can save your furnishings from early deterioration!

It is a known fact that overexposure to sunlight can cause serious damage to your skin, such as skin cancer; however, even the furnishings inside your home can also suffer from the direct exposure to sunlight. The sunlight that comes through your windows is the primary reason behind the fading of furniture, as well as the fabrics, wallpaper, wooden floor, photos, and the other valuables in your home. Once the furnishings of your home are subject to wear and tear, the next step that you would probably do is either to repair or replace them, which could be costly.

Instead of pulling some bills out your wallet for repair or replacement of furnishings, investing in window film would a better option. Window films, such as the ceramic window film, not only block up to 99% of UV rays of the sun but are also designed to reduce solar heat and visible light that are responsible for the wear and tear of your home furnishings.

3. Window film can save you some money on energy bills!

Once the summer season arrives, your air conditioning system at home would also be working hard just to maintain a cool temperature inside your home, unless you want to experience the feeling of being toast. While air conditioners can really make your house stay cool during the summer, running it all the time could also mean higher energy consumption ─ which is not a good news especially if you’re trying to save some money.

Instead of paying higher energy bills, upgrading your windows with solar window film would be a better idea, as the initial expense is worth the cost. With heat resistant window film, you don’t have to run your air conditioning system most of the time since the film blocks the sun that causes an uncomfortable temperature. This could also prolong the life of your air conditioning system. Thus, it saves you money both on energy bills and the replacement of your AC.

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