Protecting Your Car’s Interior with Window Film

car owners don’t know is the fact that it functions more than just beautifying a car. As a matter of fact, tinting the windows of your vehicle is like having a car UV protection.

When it comes to enhancing your car, one of the things that will pop up in your head is the automotive window film. Well, while it is no doubt that it can drastically change your precious vehicle’s look, what some car owners don’t know is the fact that it functions more than just beautifying a car. As a matter of fact, tinting the windows of your vehicle is like having a car UV protection. That is why automotive film in Singapore, as well as in other countries, is becoming more of a necessity than just a luxury.

Can window film protect the car’s interior?

Given that having a car gives you the opportunity to travel to places that you have wanted to visit, it also means exposing your car to the possible harms brought by the sun’s UV rays. It is a known fact that the sun’s UV rays can do serious damage not only to human skin (and health, in general) for it can also cause destruction to your car’s interior. And this can happen to those who usually drive under the broad sunlight, for a long period of time.

When being exposed to sunlight, your car’s interior ─ dashboards, accessories, leather seat cover and soft surfaces ─ can be prone to getting fade or worn out. Good thing, installing a ceramic window film can prevent this from happening.

By getting a vehicle window tinting job, from a trusted company of solar film in Singapore, you can keep the harmful UV rays from doing damages on your car seats and interior finishes.

How does automotive window film help keep heat out?

If you have driven a car with regular glass windows and a vehicle with tinted windows, you can surely compare which vehicle gets easily warm when driving on a sunny day (and the air conditioning system is not switched on). And yes, it is the car without window film. This is because window film is specifically designed with multi-layers of polyester film (bonded into a single layer) that prevents a large amount of the harmful IR and UV rays from entering through the windows and windscreen of your the car.

Automotive window film is designed in a way that blocks a maximum amount of thermal rays from the sun and only allows a minimal amount of radiation to penetrate inside the car. With this, you can comfortably sit back and have a relax driving without being bothered by the heat.

How much heat can window tint block?

Window film comes in different shades and types; therefore there is also a different percentage of solar heat rejection. To give you an idea, a normal window tint can give up to 35-45% of heat rejection, while getting a premium tint can provide up to 75-80% heat rejection.

As for Infratint, there is a wide variety of automotive film to choose from:

Infra-Smoke Series – offers up to 20% IR reduction and rejects up to 99% of the UV radiation.

Infra-Titanium Series ─ has up to 60% IR reduction and gives greater heat rejection and protection from the sun.

Infra-Platinum Series ─ comes with up to 80% IR reduction and gives a very high level of solar energy rejection.

Infra-Platinum99 Series ─ provides up to 99% IR and UV reduction, provides glare reduction, and excellent solar energy rejection.

Other remarkable benefits of installing a window film

Keeps your vehicle cooler

There are times where you cannot help it but roll down the windows of your car, especially the front ones when driving and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. While doing this can give you access to enjoy the scenery, even more, this can also cause the temperature of your car inside to heat up as it allows the maximum amount of solar energy to go through your car. But with ceramic window film, you can guarantee a comfortable temperature inside your car due to the fact that it can filter wavelengths from the sun, which generates heat while letting you enjoy the view outside your car without having to roll down your car’s windows.

Makes driving a lot easier

Although driving on sunny weather may seem a nice idea, no one surely wants to get roasted on your car seat as the sun shines brightly. Do you?

Aside from the uncomfortable feeling caused by the sun’s heat, which is beating down on your vehicle’s windshield, another thing that makes driving quite challenging during the hot season is the serious eye strain and/or headache that you might get. This often results in a collision, provided that the driver can’t fully focus on the road.

That is why there’s a window film. It not only makes your car look more stylish but it allows you to experience a more pleasant driving during the day.

Reduces the chance of break-in incidents

Since most drivers tend to leave their possessions inside their car, especially if they think they won’t be gone for too long, thieves, on the other hand, take this as the chance to break-in. This usually happens to cars that don’t have automotive window film yet, wherein the interior can be easily seen from the outside.

By installing window film, it can be hard for burglars or even passers-by to notice what valuables you have left inside your vehicle ─ without getting the attention of the other people. In a case where thieves still try to break in, it will be a challenge for them to successfully get your valuables inside the car as the window film helps in holding the shattered pieces of glass together.